Human Factor

Real Estate
As befits a Group of organisations, METRO GROUP has a huge staff, around 80 high caliber professionals in engineering, finance and business administration take managerial responsibilities at the headquarters in Dhaka.

Administrarors, Finance & Accounts Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Supervisors, Surveyors, Overseers, Foremen, Commercial Managers, Commercial Assistants, Stores and Material Management Personnel, Safety Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Pharmacists, Quality Controller & other Technicians... a diverse array of skills blended together, to work as a team for common goal in perfect harmony.

It is remarkable how men from such diverse backgrounds and stations in life establish such perfect rapport. This is made possible by placing the high value on every individual's sense of responsibility, professional skills and ability to exercise his initiative and judgement, while working as team member.

Training also plays an important role in our management. We impart training to our professionals and supporting staffs in the up-to-date technology, techniques and in the philosophy of modern management to expertise each in his field of activities to render services to our customers' needs.