Metro Services Limited

Real Estate

Since the inception of Metro Services Ltd, it consolidated and diversified its business with the liberalization of Bangladesh economy. High level of flexibility has given the company a diversity of experience that helps to sustain the records of success across the whole spectrum of its business. Customer service, environmental awareness and short simple lines of communication are our business philosophy. With the Metro Services Ltd. METRO GROUP has ventured its new business to exploit the high growth potentials of Real Estate Sector. The company has been set with the vision of developing land, apartment with unique design, architectural concept to cover a wide demographic spectrum of customers.

Extensive in-house technical and design capabilities enable the company to bring together the appropriate construction disciplines into a single team to handle all sorts of complex projects which is due to the company's skilled and highly motivated employees.

We have a firm commitment to serve our clients realize their schemes without compromising to quality standards.

Metro Services ltd. is building capacities in a prudent way to meet the demand and challenges of the twenty first century.